Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Recession Trail Half Marathon 2013 Details


9:00 am START

Register on starting at $15!!!
The first 25 runners will receive a custom painted art plaque.
The race will be capped at 40 runners. No scary crowds...remember, this is a recession. Hey, if there are 3 of us that show up, everyone is a winner! (Mind you, a winner of one of the zero prizes.)

LOCATION: Oak Grove Lake Park
409 Byron St, Chesapeake, VA 23320
Cutoff Time: 3 hours, 15 minutes (12:15pm)

Email :

NO T-SHIRTS will be given to participants...just adventure.
Each runner will have to complete 9 laps in a counterclockwise direction. Distances are marked in QUARTER MILE intervals.

Each runner will receive a Sharpie. Arrive early to pick the best color. But not too early because no Sharpie wants to get up at the crack of dawn.

At the start, each runner should have his/her race number written on their right hand.
After each lap, the runner will place a tick mark on the back of the hand. (The hand that you don't write with, of course.) *If cold: partially remove glove, make tick mark, and replace glove.

When 9 laps are completed, the runner will rush to the POSTER at the finish line and write his/her time on it with the now much despised Sharpie. Watches are encouraged. There will be a stopwatch at the finish along with possibly zero volunteers and zero race directors since they will be running. Hopefully no children will come over from the playground to turn off our stopwatch. (Do you sense how laid-back this event is yet? *More to come...) Cheaters will not be allowed back in any race. Remember to mark your time in HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS.

A water cooler will be provided. And maybe some snacks. We will see.
This is a stroller, spectator,  and dog friendly course, being very well packed sand/pebbles. It's also pothole-free. Your kid could ride a bike next to you as you run.

Note: There will be other humans out and about! They may be running and yet not be one of us. They may be walking. They may be oncoming traffic. They may be angry. They may cheer. Or try to trip you. Be nice to all of these folks. It is a public park. But please do not trip.

This leads to my next segment: The HARDCORE Club.
Halfway through the 1.5-mile loop is a small hill just to the right of the trail. It has a picnic table on it. The HARDCORE people will run this hill 9 times...once on each loop. At the end, they receive not a prize, but a privelege. They get to put "HC" next to their time. That's all.

For the not HARDCORE: there is one portajohn on the course.

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