Sunday, November 24, 2013

JAILBREAK 27 miler - January 11, 2014 - (free)

Jailbreak 27!
(well, 27.2)
JANUARY 11, 2014

Bells Mill Park
424 Albemarle 
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Good riddance, Christmas cookies! Start the new year right with a little baby ultramarathon! Enjoy a 2.7 mile loop 10 times!!!
Bring a headlamp / flashlight and food and liquids that you will need.
The course is a beautiful 2.7 mile loop around the perimeter of two fields of small rolling hills beside the river. Your supplies and car will be accessible every 1.2-1.8 miles.

Fill out your time and distance at the end!
CUTOFF: 12:15pm hours, but early starters are welcome!
LIMIT: 30 runners
Sign up by January 5th!

NOTE: The Bridge opens every hour on the hour. So, prepare to get stuck in traffic at those times!

with name, distance, expected finish time, and emergency phone #.
All runners agree that they are prepared for the event and that they will not to hold the city or the race directors responsible for injury, sickness, or other causes; they also will be completely truthful about their results.
Results will be on this blog!
Half marathoners are welcome if the event does not fill up!
Our last event had 22 people involved!


1st - John Gounley,     3:25:19
2- Greg Brant,             3:29:35
3- Steve Andrews,       4:38:12
4- Becky Walters*,      4:39:27
5- John Olszyck,          4:51:58
5- Paul Guizard,           4:51:58
8- DNS / DNF
9-19 "       "

1- Tony Brown,       3:33:02

1- Amanda Stafford*,      2:26:20
2- Darrin Snyder,             2:30:50 (handcycle)
3- Janice Lacerna
4- Andrew Lacerna

6 miles
1. Rebecca Rollick*,      1:02:00    (handcycle)

3 miles
1. Ciera F.                     0:32:11

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oak Grove Marathon. CHECK!

Today was a beautiful Fall day for a looong run. The dark, foggy 62 degree weather gave way to a sunrise by mile 7. The air became crisp as temperatures dropped 11 degrees. The wind cheered us on, and the rain was gone. We chatted and exams acquainted, just as at any trail event. There was an optional hill to complete all 17 times...who was with me on that one?!

We had two speedy dudes who lapped us with lengthy, effortless strides. The rest of us held a respectable pace. Our goal was, "Don't get hurt; just get dirt!"

Around hour 4.5 (10am), a troop came in to set up for a serious event! I wished them well, but laughed to myself that a 5k was starting AFTER I had completed a full marathon. I still viewed my own race as a greater success, based on a simple formula: my group had completed over 200 miles, and 50 runners at 3 mile a piece would amount to 150 and some change. Oh yeah, and mine was free.

At any rate, I enjoyed the incredibly appreciative runners, and I will love to to this again!! I always enjoy the tough runners who show up for poster board events. The real ones never complain! And that is what we had today.

Great job to everyone who ran today!!
We had 22 sign up.
Some completed a half, some more or less. Some ran, some used a handcycle.

Email your time if you didn't get to write it on the poster!!!
Results will be up soon!!!

See ya next time! ( January 11 and /or 25...different locations)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Oak Grove FREE Marathon (& 1/2)

Join us on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at Oak Grove Lake Park at 5:30am for a bunch of laps around the beautiful lake!     This will be a super, low-key, laid back event, but there's no reason not to race!!! Make room for turkey week with SEVENTEEN laps around the 1.542 mile lake loop. The course is FLAT and very fine gravel/dirt. The grand total: 26.2 miles (likely a tad more on your app...if less on your device, continue on for a few steps to satisfy that nagging in that stubborn marathon-running brain we are all familiar with). DISTANCE SPLITS for nerds (approx): 1.542, 3.08, 4.6, 6.168, 7.7, 9.25, 10.79, 12.3, 13.8*, 15.4, 16.96, 18.5, 20, 21.58, 23.1, 24.67, 26.214*)

Many can use this as a long run for Seashore Nature Trail 50k in December, one of the largest 31-mile races in the US.
Half marathoners or twenty milerers are welcome!

Finishers for the FULL will write their names and times down at the end on the provided poster for historical (or hysterical) results.

Shoot for 6 hours or less.

Run in either direction..or swtch it up! (Optional small hill parallel to trail at 0.75 mile marker...I'm running it 17 times!! )

50 runners or less, please. We can't storm the others out of the park!

I highly recommend a SHARPIE to keep tallies on your hand of your laps...this has proven to free up epic numbers of brain cells to focus on splits, nutrition, and nature!
It really is a beautiful park. I'm not one for zillions of laps, but I can manage at ths park! there are POTTIES and tables and a shelter. Bring all your snacks and liquids!

REGISTER for free by NOV 20 by emailing your name, age, city, emergency phone #, and distance to: ALL participants in this fun race agree not to hold the city or race director legally responsible for any injury or problem whatsoever.


Juggernaut Gym Wear was a success!

We had many runners complete one of four distances, and our pushup winners completed 70 pushups (male) and 45 (female) !!!!

Our wall squat winners dreaded the 90 degree angle rule on tired legs, holding their poses for 4 minutes (female) and 2:15 (male)!!

For a look at the JUGGERNAUT store, visit and make your purchase as all items are limited in quantity to emphasize unique workout style!

See ya next time...