Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recession Trail Half #2

$10 before March!!!!!!!
Register for this half at: Recession HALF 2. On Active.

March 23, 2013 
9 laps on a trail
13.5+ miles

Laid back, no tees...just other stuff...and other people. 

Oak Grove Lake Park in Chesapeake, VA

Limited to 40 runners. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Recession Trail Half Marathon RESULTS - Feb 2013


1st: Paul Allen.......... 1:45:40 hc
2: Mike Dubose........ 1:50:00 hc
3: James Burger........ 2:05:38
4: Jason Gray............ 2:16:08
5: Thomas Sullivan .. 2:16:51
6: LETTY MARINO..2:34:42
7: SUSAN RAWLS...2:38:52 hc
8: BECKY WALTERS...2:41:22 hc
9: Sean Walters..........  2:41:22 hc
10: RENCY YEATTS... 2:48:05
11: HOLLY WIK.......... 2:48:05
12: KATIE MCCOY...... 2 laps completed
13th through 26: DID NOT START

****hc     denotes the hardcore runners who climbed an optional, muddy, above-and-beyond hill each loop
*****~~ CAPS indicates FEMALE runners

We had an awesome, rainy run! It was good company through bad weather, but we intend to do it again!! Come out and join us for Recession Trail Half Marathon #2 at beautiful Oak Grove Lake Park in Chesapeake!!!!

Registration is up on Active.com
$$ from each entry stays in your pocket. Get the friendly competition and beautiful course. Skip the crowds, claustrophobia, and ugly shirts.

Grab a Sharpie, and tally up the 9 laps on Saturday, March 23, 2013... At 9:00 am.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recession Half

The race is on. Rain or shine!!
Hardcore people run hills in the cold rain, by the way. Don't know if you knew that; just thought I'd throw that one out there!! :)
The awards look amazing.

And the future holds great promise: Friday 5k on March 1.
Recession Half #2 is coming in March!!!!!!!
And in April, buckle up for a longer one...25k... Or 18 miler or something!!!
A trail marathon, ultra, and summer track/5k series are all on their way, too!!! :)

Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


RECESSION trail HALF marathon!!!!!!
Oak Grove Lake Park
$26 race day
Be there.

And then come back MARCH 1 for a FRIDAY 5k at 7:15am.
No race day registration on that one.

March 23 will be another day of running! Yippie.
This will be a time to IMPROVE on your time from FEBRUARY 23. (Don't you love non-leap years?)
RECESSION trail HALF marathon 2.
Oak Grove Lake Park.
no swag guaranteed this time.
but still dirt.
and hills for the hardcore.
show up and run.
RACE REGISTRATION will open soon...
starting at $10 and increasing quickly from there. :)

RESULTS will be found here at RECESSion RUNning

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Upcoming Events-

RECESSION trail HALF MARATHON:      FEBRUARY 23, 2013 9:00am
FRIDAY 5K :       MARCH 1, 2013 7:15am
both located at Oak Grove Lake Park

March 23- recession Half #2  **details TBA

April - TBA

STAY TUNED...lots of MILES AHEAD... :)
expect to run
don't expect to be pampered

FRIDAY 5k: a $9 Run at the Lake

GO TO WORK SWEATY after an energizing run at an energizing price!

REGISTER for the FRIDAY 5K on ACTIVE.com!!!!!!!

COMING on MARCH 1, 2013 at Oak Grove Lake Park.
START: 7:15am
MAX: 35 runners

Walkers, strollers, and dogs are welcome!
No Tshirts will be available for this event.

Runners will be timed the old-fashioned way.
Water will be provided.

This will be a laid-back, small-scale event.

FOR FUN: Runners can run the HILL on each of the TWO loops. This is optional.
Also, participants may complete a DOUBLE TROUBLE 5k after the 7:15am 5k finish to see if they can beat their times! The second 5k is free, and runners will write their own times down upon complettion.

FINAL RESULTS will be posted here on recessionrunning.blogspot for the FRIDAY 5k and Double Trouble 5k.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recession Half

I visited the crisp course today for a glorious run. It's ready for us! The PRICE goes up tomorrow! ...to $18...still recession like. :)

Sign up.
Sharpies await.
See you in 16.