Thursday, January 16, 2014

VA IS FOR DINOSAURS 27 miler - Apr 5 - First Landing State Park, VA

WELCOME to another cheap ultra!
It's Virginia Beach, VA at sunrise!

The run is a FAT BUTT, fun run style event with a bonus of a memorable cotton tee!! It's an awesome shirt with a DINOSAUR on it...can't go wrong there!! Bring your own food, water, map, etc.
We will hit part of every trail at FIRST LANDING STATE PARK and then jump into the cold waters afterward for a post-race baptism of anti-inflammatory saltiness.

$14 by FEB 28 for race shirt with the coolest logo of the year
$24 by MAR 7. Shirts get ordered MAR 8, so no special sizes or quantities are guaranteed thereafter.

LIMIT: 40 runners
START: 5:30am
CUTOFF: 11:30pm for a write-your-time-on-the-clipboard finish, otherwise NO CUTOFF...just email your after 6 hour results!
TO register: VISIT
All runners agree not to hold anyone responsible for injury, illness, effects of weather, unfortunate shirt size, etc.

PARK behind HOT TUNA at 2817 Shore Dr, VA Beach, VA to connect to the bike path heading left leading into FIRST LANDING STATE PARK.

A crazy, all over the place, occasional dune-climbing, spanish moss, marshy seaside trail course! This could be your fastest ultra! It is 27.3 miles (likely more, since the source underestimates by a mile or so).

Hot Tuna. LEFT.
Bike path / becomes Cape Henry (paved).
Cross into park.
Turn right onto the park road away from the gate and parking lot.
Look for Long Creek trail entrance on right.
Follow Long Creek to end.
Right on road to water, bathrooms, and boat ramp.
Turn around head back on Long Creek. Left onto Osprey/becomes Long Creek.
Right onto Fox Hill.
Right onto High Dune.
Onto Osmanthus loop.
To Trail Center for water/bathroom.
Left Cape Henry.
Right Kingfisher.
L Long Creek.
L White Lake.
R Cape Henry.
To end/boat ramp.
Turn around back on Cape H.
L Kingfisher.
R Long Creek.
Back to Hot Tuna!

Picture of route available through email!

no. one. said. it. would. be. easy.

SUNRISE: 6:18am (bring light!)
AVG TEMP: 50-63

QUESTIONS: whatultra @ yahoo. com

Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Year. Another Dollar.

Why do runners get so mad at themselves if they don't run their fastest run every consecutive day of their lives? Why are they so not okay with un-PRs? Why do they go into denial when they get injured while training 227 miles a day?
Are we overachievers? Show offs? Arrogant?

I guess we just like to "win" like any respectable team would like to do. Our wins are typically preconceived notions of a fantasy fitness world, but we crave and thrive on them.

This would be the perfect year to be THANKFUL for what we do have- the strong legs, the beautiful trails, the powerful minds, the tasty calories after a run, the encouraging friends that we have been undeservedly blessed with. That's a challenge to you and to myself! Don't beat yourself up! Be grateful. We are American. And we are trailrunners. We really do have it all!!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Jailbreak, Jubilee, March, and Dinosaurs

TOMORROW is a rainy 27 miles at Bells Mill on Albemarle in Chesapeake!!!

Prepare for 27 more miles at OAK GROVE on Tues, Jan. 28 at 8:30am!!! THE JANUARY JUBILEE 27!!!

Followed by March 4 & 21 events.

ALL CAPPED off with a LEGIT, Tee shirt-awarding, bring your own food and water bottle...and MAP- 27 miler for less than $20 on