Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Year. Another Dollar.

Why do runners get so mad at themselves if they don't run their fastest run every consecutive day of their lives? Why are they so not okay with un-PRs? Why do they go into denial when they get injured while training 227 miles a day?
Are we overachievers? Show offs? Arrogant?

I guess we just like to "win" like any respectable team would like to do. Our wins are typically preconceived notions of a fantasy fitness world, but we crave and thrive on them.

This would be the perfect year to be THANKFUL for what we do have- the strong legs, the beautiful trails, the powerful minds, the tasty calories after a run, the encouraging friends that we have been undeservedly blessed with. That's a challenge to you and to myself! Don't beat yourself up! Be grateful. We are American. And we are trailrunners. We really do have it all!!


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