Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recession Trail Half #2 Results

Recession Trail Half Marathon #2- March 23, 2013- Chesapeake, VA

1st- Greg Smith,        1:39:05 ..........HC
2nd Erin McDonald,   1:55:05 ........ HC
3rd Mike Dubose,      1:58:54 .......... HC
4 Thomas Sullivan,   2:08:24 .......... HC
5 * Gayle Gauck,    2:30:09 .......... HC
6 * Susan Rawls & Deidre Williams, 2:42:16
7*  "                   "
8* Glenda Dennison,  2:52:02
9th - DNS
10th - DNS
11th - DNS


AWESOME work! We had a great run. The HC (Hardcore People) ran the hill all 9 times!! Many runners also were recovering from the Shamrock Marathon or Half. Way to go!!!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


3 DAYS!!!!!!! And the weather shall be glorious! Join us for a Trail Half Marathon for $19...

Runners get a unique and artsy PLAQUE, and there will be Performance TEEEEEES given at random!This is a laid-back event, fueled by pretzels, cookies, Easter candy, and water.

RACE DAY registrants, please shoot an email to: WhatUltra@yahoo
See you at OAK GROVE LAKE PARK at 9 on Saturday, March 23rd!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Recession Trail Half Marathon 2013 Details

9:00 am START

Register on
GIFT for ALL runners
The race will be capped at 40 runners.

LOCATION: Oak Grove Lake Park
409 Byron St, Chesapeake, VA 23320
Cutoff Time: 3 hours, 15 minutes (12:15pm)

Email :

Each runner will have to complete 9 laps in a CLOCKWISE direction. Distances are marked in QUARTER MILE intervals.

Each runner will receive a Sharpie.
After each lap, the runner will place a tick mark on the back of the hand.
When 9 laps are completed, the runner will rush to the POSTER at the finish line and write his/her time on it with the now much despised Sharpie. Mark your time in HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS.

A water cooler will be provided. And some snacks.
This is a stroller, spectator,  and dog friendly course, being very well packed sand/pebbles. It's also pothole-free. Your kid could ride a bike next to you as you run!!

This leads to my next segment: The HARDCORE Club.
Halfway through the 1.5-mile loop is a small, optional hill just to the right of the trail. It has a picnic table on it. The HARDCORE people will run this hill 9 times...once on each loop. At the end, they receive not a prize, but a privelege. They get to put "HC" next to their time. That's all.

For the not HARDCORE: there is one portajohn on the course.

RUN THIS RACE, even if you did not participate in the Half #1!!!!!! :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday 5k Results

Our small turnout for the Friday 5k still got to enjoy a nice run on a beautiful course despite cold temps.

The Fast Guy, 1st Place, 0:20:21, William Hanlin
Small Fry, 2nd, 0:34:52
Dad in Green, 3rd, 0:57:10
Cute Kid #1, 4th, 0:57:30
Cute Kid #2, 5th, 0:57:35