Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recession Running

My hilarious husband regularly reminds fellow citizens about the current recession. At friendly drive ins, he says that he would like extra sauce due to the recession. At Christmas, he jokingly tells family members that they aren't getting anything because of the recession. And in the grocery store, he announces to the line that he sure is glad he brought his Important Person card so that he could save a few dollars in this recession. Now all of this is just in good humor; he is a great sport...not a grump. But there is wisdom in remembering to watch the wallet. I find myself not wanting to run races if it costs actual money. My family could use a half tank of gas, 24 pack of toilet paper, or 6 gallons of milk more than I could selfishly use a spot on the PDF of some  random race results.

With my inspiration from my spouse and with experience running, writing, coaching, directing, cheering, pacing, sweeping, getting lost, working thousands of math problems related to running paces, racing, and losing...I present to you RECESSION RUNNING.

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