Monday, August 4, 2014

Money Saving Tips for Running Gear

Recession-Like Advice

4. Buy water bottles at TJ Maxx- waist packs and all! Or get foldable water bottles at the Dollar Tree! Yes! BPA Free!!!
Save: $10-30

3. Hit up Old Navy for cheap gear during the retail off-season.
Save: $15-40

2. Get your specialty shoes the first time, then find then online 6-10 months after their releases month. Try (free shipping) or Google others. Then support your local running store by trying different blocks, beans, accessories...
Save: $20-90

1. CONTROVERSIAL: RUN IN COTTON SHIRTS! ahhhh! Ok, maybe I will forever be alone on this issue. But if it's 195 degrees, it's nice to feel the coolness of sweat which was invented to regulate your temp in the heat...instead of the sticky, plasticy, sun-scorched touch of synthetic polyester. Concerned about chafing? Rig it! Cut wide arm holes, or sew performance patches where needed.
Save: $18-40

Also, wear jean shorts and tutus. Go crazy. Be unique. It's healthy not to match.

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  1. Is the registration for the 13 miler still open? You can't sign up online. Also, are you all crazy fast runners? I don't want to be the last one out there haha.