Sunday, December 29, 2013


NEW COURSE details:

FROM 5:50am-8:30 am, run the BELLS MILL perimeters (2.72 continuous miles each). From 8:30-10am, run the ALBEMARLE loop (also 2.72 miles out-and-back). At 10am, resume running the BELLS MILL loop. 

Ten laps shall be completed altogether! The MUD IN YOUR EYE 5k can count as one of the loops!! Keep things interesting! Remember- their event is primary event as it is funded by its participants. Ours is the free fun run!! :)
Do your laps as you please, and record your finish time.
***example route: LOOPS 1-5: Bells (5:50-8:20am)
                             LOOPS 6-8: Albemarle (8:20 - 10am)
                              LOOPS 9-10: Bells (10- 11:15am)
ALBEMARLE loop details: exit parking lot,
left on Albemarle, 
left on Wilson,
2nd left on Reservation Rd to the fenced entrance,
and turn around and come back!!!

Long Trail Runs of 2014 for FREE!!
28 miler - TUES Jan 28 -        8:30 am - Location TBA (Oak Grove, Arboretum, or Bells Mill)
28 miler - TUES Mar 4 & FRI 28 - " "               " "
27 MILER - SAT. APRIL 5!! - early:00 am - FIRST LANDING ST PK (Long Creek Trail, et. al.)
Mid May - ... something
Late June-...something else


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