Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trailrunning Sentiments

Some runs are just great. Energy. Relaxation. Speed. Dirt. The perfect mix. Friends always help, too. I have read many sources that comment on the introversion of runners, but I stand on the side of the extroverts. If I were the only runner in the world, I think that I would quit running. I like people. I like to be included. I like to be available when people need or want me around. Now, I am not at all saying that I want an excuse to quit running anytime soon. Contrarily, I am contentedly hooked on this lifestyle-I mean, hobby. I just love having someone to run alongside. Live alongside.

It has been a month of chaos, but the running has been great. The friends are great. The fam is great.

That's the main thing. The people. Not the silly numbers-that's serious coming from a math person! Not the emotions-that's serious coming from a woman! Not the self esteem. Not the diet. Not the quantity of activities or races. Just the people. The humans. The flesh-intertwined souls that run and breathe and long to be loved and befriended. The imperfect beings who can become the perfect companions.

You gotta love em!


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