Monday, July 8, 2013

FREE MARATHON (or half) - AUGUST 3, 2013

QLC Results.
August 3, 2013. 6 am
Elevation: about 1000+ feet gain and loss per 13 mile loop.
83 degrees. Sunny.

Marathon (note: Course was two + miles long due to underestimation by online map source: mapmyrun)
1st Steve Spiers,         28 miles        3:34:15
2nd Becky Walters,      26 mi       4:58:14
3rd. Jim Palmer,           26 mi       5:03:15
#4-7 : DNS

Half marathon +
Course was 1 + mile longer.

1st   Rocky Mason,   14mi.  2:07:59
2.     Makenzie Green, 14.    2:08:32
3.     David Packer, 14.         2:15:04
4.     Sean Shepke, 13.         2:28:33
5.      Ally Spiers,      13.       2:35:00
6.      Susan Rawls, 14.        3:08:31
7.       Stuart Ferguson, 14.   3:50:39
#8-13 DNS

Some phones, like mine, claimed that the loop was 14.9 ish miles. Phones can overestimate. Mapmyrun can underestimate and claim 13.1 miles. I would say it was 14. It's healthy to run extra, too! We love trails!!

A great, hilly run! Thanks, folks!!!! :)

QUAD LONG CREEK trail marathon
Saturday, August 3, 2013 at 6:00am will begin an East Coast epic: a zero dollar marathon. 26.2 (plus-ish) miles on TRAILS in Virginia Beach, VA.
The event (QLC) will take place at First Landing State Park.
You can join us for the 13.1 mile edition...same time...same place.
Jump in the Chesapeake Bay to cool off at the end.
Self-supported run-no ribbons, just wooden posts marking trail forks...knowing the map will help.
This would make an interesting first marathon, but I won't advise against it-it's not in my nature to do so.

EMAIL: to sign up!!!!!!!!!!

Cost:                                       $0.00 for your cause, if you wish!
Pounds of Snacks Provided:      0
Gallons of Water Provided:        0 to 5
Fate of a Complainer:               Disqualification
Awards:                                   Maybe small, earthy ones...
CUTOFF:                                5 hours, 45 minutes (aka 11:45am)
LIMIT:                                    50 runners- 30 in the full, 20 in the half

note: $5 parking fee applies

Also, don't forget the OFF-ROAD TRACK SERIES #3 at 5:30pm at OAK GROVE on July 18.

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  1. thanks for the run Becky! You did a great job organizing this not to mention keeping me company for five hours. Quad long creek is no joke! The last two miles owned me!